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Hillbilly Apple Cider 33oml case (only sold with a case of Wine)

Hillbilly Cider

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100% whole crushed mountain apples.

Tasting Notes: An apple orchard aroma with a well rounded taste and a crisp refreshing finish. 4.5% alcohol Gluten Free

We don’t add sugar, we don’t pasteurise and we don’t add artificial flavors. We’re all about keeping it real – 100% crushed fruit fermented with minimal intervention. Natural C02 produced during fermentation makes for an easy bohemian bubble.

Hugh McKellar of Real cider Reviews described the Sweet Julie as having “bucket loads of fruit without being sickly sweet” and rated it very “easy to drink” which he said is “good as you’re probably going to want a couple”.

Made from the Julie apple – the first apple to be created in the Blue Mountains / Sydney basin since the Granny Smith apple over 100 years ago. Hillbilly is the only cider in the world that uses the Julie