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Siegfried Gin German 500ml

Siegfried Gin

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Honest, special, handcrafted

SIEGFRIED Rheinland Dry Gin is a product from the Rhine Region and a classic Dry Gin: a defined taste but subtle enough to delight with his weighted composition of 18 fine Botanicals, his charm and his straight character.

Big Name, Big Story

The Linden Tree has a leading role in ancient German Nibelung Saga, when a leaf landed on Siegfried’s back, while enjoying his bath in the blood of a dragon. Like in the saga, linden also change the game in our recipe. We use linden blooms as our lead botanical and thereby underline the symbiotic connection between brand and product.

Tasting notes

Gentle citrus notes of bitter orange are accompanied by hints of thyme , cardamom and juniper and thus develop a harmonious complexity.
The freshness of lavender meets spicy- earthy notes of ginger, angelica root and is finished with a subtle, warm character of linden blooms, which make SIEGFRIED to SIEGFRIED.

Driven by the sheer desire for honest and artisan products we have developed this premium gin. SIEGFRIED is traditionally distilled in small units from only the finest ingredients, without any industrial tools, artificial flavors or additives, with calm, patience and attention to detail.