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Paradigm Hill Riesling Mornington Peninsula

Paradigm Hill

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Fruit is crushed, stems removed and the must is left to soak before pressing off the juice & overnight cooling. The clear juice is then fermented in open 2000 litre vats [16oC to 18oC]. Wine is bottled after a further 6 months.

The ideal mild conditions experienced during the growing season and up to harvest ensured the fruit retained it’s fine acidity and with added complexity in aromas and flavours. The Riesling presents with enticing aromas of white flowers, citrus and at this youthful stage, crunchy green apples. The finesse on the palate combines with a rich full texture resulting in a long, balanced and of course, a refreshing line of acid to finish. Ideal for summer drinking or for extensive cellaring [15 + years]