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Brockenchack 'On - Point' Pinot Grigio Eden Valley



This wine is named as a tribute to Trevor and Marilyn’s two granddaughters, in acknowledgement of their passion and excellence in ballet and dancing. It’s a play on the French ballet term ‘en pointe’, to stand on one’s toes in full extension – no easy feat – and something both granddaughters can do with ease and grace.

After back to back sell-out successes for all three consecutive releases of this wine, our 2019 vintage of On Point Pinot Grigio has been bottle as soon as possible, ensuring we capture all those wonderful bunch-fresh aromas and flavours for you.

Gentle ripening this year has given us delightful almond blossom and orange blossom aromas.

From tip to toe, our Pinot Grigio is bursting with natural nashi pear, juicy tropical flavours, honeysuckle sorbet and peach nectar.

Deliciously mouth-filling as ever, with delicate ginger in just the right places.

Food pairing ideas include oysters, sushi, brie cheese or your favourite creamy pasta.


Both wines are made from the same Pinot Gris grape (gris being French for grey, the colour of the Pinot Gris grape). The difference between the two wines comes in the winemaking technique. The Italian style Pinot Grigio style wines are typically lighter-bodied, crisp, fresh, with vibrant stone fruit and floral aromas and a touch of spice. In contrast, the French Pinot Gris style wines are more full-bodied, slightly richer, spicier, and more viscous in texture.

We make ours in the Italian grigio style, purely because that’s the way we prefer it.